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Chapter 3: Hypocritical

  • Jermaine said meaningfully, "Although Benson is a bit violent and will not survive a year, the Leach family is the richest in F City, which has wealth and influence."
  • "Even if Benson dies, you'll still be Mrs. Leach and have comfortable and wealthy life forever."
  • "Jill, Dad is doing you a favor. You are not well educated and have a bad reputation. It's your luck to marry..."
  • Juliana didn't bother to listen to his sham words. She turned her back to him and lay down: "Call me when the Leach family's car comes."
  • Jermaine said no more and went out since she had compromised. He asked the maid to keep watch outside the door lest Juliana escape or kill herself again.
  • After Jermaine went out, Juliana read the top news on her phone.
  • [Miranda Sanchez, the most famous socialite in S City, died at 9:00 a.m. and left the property of the Sanchez family to her fiancé...]
  • Juliana didn't read it carefully but clicked on one of the interview videos.
  • It was a reporter interviewing Stewart.
  • Juliana clenched her fists and breathed heavily when she saw Stewart's tired face, his red eyes swollen with tears, and his heartbroken look.
  • Hypocritical!
  • In the video, Stewart managed to say between sobs, "I won't change the name of Sanchez Group. It's the only proof that Miranda has been in this world."
  • He said, "Except for the company and real estate, I will donate the remaining 100 million dollars of Miranda's assets that she left behind to people in need."
  • "I am very much in love with Miranda and I will not be in a relationship or get married for three years." Added Stewart.
  • Juliana saw that Stewart was wearing a white coat and glasses, elegant and gentle, not at all like he was in the operating room.
  • But this was the man who had cut her heart open and said those cold and heartless words!
  • Wendy said Miranda's heart was dirty and they ripped out her heart just because she had loved him!
  • And they even deceived Timothy!
  • Juliana took a deep breath. There was no need to waste her time to be resentful since she could not take revenge at the moment.
  • She searched for Timothy Greene to find out his current situation but found no news about him at all.
  • Well, the Greene family was the wealthiest and most powerful in S City and Timothy was a low-profile person, so there was no news about him.
  • Thinking that Wendy was a voice actress, Juliana worried that she would use her voice to deceive Timothy.
  • But on second thought, that would be very inappropriate. In case Wendy found out about her, the Lewis family couldn't protect her.
  • The Leach family could help, but she was not yet a Leach young lady, and even if she was, the Leach family might not be willing to protect her.
  • She considered a lot.
  • In the end, she decided that she couldn't act recklessly now that she wasn't sure if the Leach family would back her up.
  • She had to stay alive to get her revenge!
  • Juliana looked down at her fingers and smiled lightly, "Heh, Wendy, I won't let you do what you want."
  • At half past five, the car from the Leach family arrived.
  • Jermaine came to call Juliana. Seeing that she was in a white dress with a pale face and her hair draped like a ghost, he said angrily, "Why don't you put on some makeup and change your clothes? Are you trying to scare others like this?"
  • Juliana ignored him and went straight downstairs.
  • Jermaine was anxious but could do nothing about it. After all, the car had arrived and there was no waiting.
  • By the stairs stood Selene Lewis in a white slip dress, who looked lovable, sweet, and tender.