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Chapter 25 The Shade of Berries

  • She popped up, wet silver strands tossing over her back and shining in the light as she triumphantly lifted a handful of ripe berries. “I have them!”
  • “I-I see-” I had to clear my throat, my voice had gotten so rough. “I see that.”
  • She looked at me. Hopping excitedly and making those lush breasts bounce thrillingly. The large heavy nipples pinkening even more against the chill air that puckered them.
  • She must be freezing.
  • “What do you intend to do with those. Surely, they’ve lost their ripeness in the frost.” I objected a bit harshly. Looking away and shifting uncomfortably.
  • She boldly rounded the bushes and approached me.
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