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Chapter 9

  • Liam pretended to tour around Crimson, ever alert to potential threats and strategic vantage points. Just last night, he had faced a deadly encounter with werewolf assassins who had dared to target him. None of them survived the encounter; he ripped out each of their throats after getting the information he needed from them.
  • An intense anger simmered within him as he moved through Crimson's streets. It was only the presence of their Luna in his dreams that held him back from turning the city to ashes. Her allure was undeniable, and a particularly sensual dream from the previous night tempted him to seek her out and seduce her immediately.
  • Never in his life had he wanted anyone so intensely, and the fact that he had already been with her only fueled his rage. The anger seeped through his every pore as he walked, accompanied by James, who shared the same ire after the attempt on their Alpha's life that night, which they learned about through the mind link.
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