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Chapter 10 Seducing You

  • Jay Lee’s POV
  • The scent of her shampoo and perfume was like that of the woman that night. According to Nick’s confession, my mom asked him to hire a high-end prostitute to accompany me that night. I knew mom wanted to prove my sexual orientation. Something might have influenced her to think that I wasn’t like other normal men.
  • Maybe it was all my fault. Ever since I caught my girlfriend with another man, to me, love didn’t exist and all women were the same. They only pursue their pleasure without thinking about their couple’s feelings. I loved her sincerely, but she repaid me with a betrayal. Since then, I’ve been reluctant to get into a relationship with any woman, so I just spent my time working and doing my hobbies until the events of that night changed everything.
  • “Sir, we have a meeting with Coles Company tomorrow at nine in the morning. I’ll pick you up at eight. Good night and have a good rest,” Nick said.
  • “Good night,” I replied as I got out of the car. Ken and Lily were waiting at the entrance.
  • After closing the car door, Nick hurried away from the mansion. I gave Lily my briefcase and went up to the second floor.
  • What happened seven years ago has turned me into a father. Before going to bed, I wanted to see and give my daughter a goodnight kiss. I may not be a good father to her, but I still try to be a good father to Jessie day by day.
  • Although I’m not there with her all the time, my heart and mind are always with her. I also never forgot to check on her and asked Lily and Ken to report everything that happened in the mansion and Jessie to me because I didn’t fully trust Megan.
  • I didn’t find any similarities between the woman that night and Megan. A few years ago, she suddenly came to see me while carrying a baby girl. She told me that the baby resulted from our one-night stand a few months earlier.
  • The DNA test proved that the baby girl was indeed mine. However, I always felt that the woman I was with that night differed from Megan, even though they both had long hair. But, their hair color was different and the way she asked me to stop touching her was strange, as if the intercourse was her first and the bloodstains proved she was still a virgin.
  • Was it possible for the brothel to send a virgin girl to serve customers?
  • I had tried to ask Nick about this. The brothel sent a young girl who had just joined them, but of course; she wasn’t a virgin anymore. Most likely, the one with me that night was another girl. But how could it be? Was it possible that Nick or the brothel made a mistake?
  • If they made a mistake, then I had made love to a mystery girl. But how could it be Megan who was carrying my child? Did Megan know about all this?
  • It was stupid of me to realize all these things so late. If Megan hadn’t tried to tease and kiss me, perhaps I would never have realized all these oddities.
  • I had tried to get information from Megan, but she insisted on telling me she was the one with me that night and since then I had been reluctant to ask her the same question. Maybe it was better for me to find out about this on my even though seven years had passed and where was I supposed to look for that girl? I felt bad for her because I had taken something precious away from her.
  • Are all my theories correct? What if I was wrong and Megan was the girl from that night? Should I try to love her the way Mom wanted me to? Yet I didn’t have the slightest feeling for her even though we had lived together for seven years and during that time I didn’t feel tempted to touch her even though she repeatedly tried to flirt with me. Maybe I could give her a chance or give myself a chance to organize a future with her because, between us, there was Jessie.
  • Jessie’s face was like mine, and I was proud of her even though her behavior towards all her tutors was outrageous. She was so sweet, cheerful, and caring. She has a distinct character from Megan, which is why they often have arguments.
  • Huft, maybe I need to organize my family’s future and I need to discuss this with Megan soon.
  • “Good night, my angel. I love you,” I said as I kissed Jessie’s forehead and cheek while stroking her head.
  • She didn’t flinch and remained sound asleep. Her sleeping face was adorable.
  • Okay, time for me to go to bed. I had a lot to do tomorrow. I hurried out of Jessie’s room and closed the door tightly. From behind, I felt someone walking towards me. She suddenly hugged me from behind and said, “Jay, I’ve been waiting for you for a while. Will you come with me to my bedroom? It’s been two months since we’ve seen each other and it’s hard to even have a conversation. Please accompany me tonight.”
  • What she said was true. For the past seven years, I’ve been busy with my business and it’s as if I never considered her to exist. The two of us never made out or even had a warm conversation. I don’t know why I didn’t get along with her. I didn’t think Megan was a good listener. At certain times when we met and were together, all she did was try to flirt with me even though I rejected her many times, but she never gave up. That’s what made me avoid and assert her status in this house.
  • I never thought of her as my wife and neither of us needed to play the role of husband and wife. We also had no obligations as husband and wife.
  • “It’s already midnight. I’m tired. I’ll keep you company tomorrow,” I replied as I released her embrace. However, as I expected, she wouldn’t let go and insisted that I come with her that night.
  • “Just for a moment. Come on,” she invited as she pulled my hand away from Jessie’s bedroom.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to give her a chance. I’d take it as part of a chance for Jessie’s sake, even if I didn’t love Megan.
  • She pulled me into her bedroom and closed the door tightly, then locked it. Then, she had me sit on the edge of the bed, and she took off the shoes I was wearing. After that, she asked me to take off all my clothes.
  • Since I had agreed to spend the night with her, I complied with her wishes. I had taken off all the clothes that were attached to my body. Then, Megan pushed my body to lie on the bed while she removed the lingerie attached to her body until we were both naked.
  • She slowly crawled up my body, caressing my face and chest, then she landed her red lipstick-covered lips on my lips. A second later, she pushed her tongue into my mouth.
  • Her fingers lightly pinched my nipples and continued down to my stiffening cock.