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Chapter 150 Empire

  • Alex took a look at Aron and smirked at his cousin across him. " Remember who he is. " " What? " Hames shouted. “ Oh, I forgot to introduce him. Aron is one of my subordinates and trustworthy. Oh my cousin, Hames. I feel sad for you. You just lost a trustworthy man like Aron.""h-how he?"" Feeling the pain of being betrayed by your trustworthy right-hand man. " Asked Alex.“ No. H-he..” Hames stammered.“ He was your man but not now. He was the one main person who helped to pass me every single information of yours to bring you and your family down.”"y-you. You will lose everything I curse you. you will r-roam like a psycho after losing everything, your s-status, your power including your beloved wife," he yelled. " Note it....y-you....will be destroyed completely like you destroyed my family and other families." Alex's face became black and blue. But immediately he smirked and stared at Hames's face. " In your dreams," said Alex as he loaded his gun. Bang!! Bang!! " Ahh. " Hames screamed in fear." got scared?. don't worry I won't kill you now. But eat you slowly and slowly. Feed him to my cute babies. if he still survives then.." Alex continued " Throw him in the glass chamber with his father. " He tossed the gun to his subordinate and walked out with his guards.At the age of 17. He realized. In this world, His talent or quality is completely useless and won't help him feed his hunger for power. If he wants something or achieves something he should have money or a powerful backup.Money! Money is one of the important materialsin this world. If you have the money you will get respect. No money then no respect.And No one is good in this world.If he wanted to be successful in his life. He should need support for his dream. A real backup. Money or an illegal organization which will help him to rise easily.After taking a tough decision of re-entering the underworld after leaving his past life as a killer which helped him to sustain his life for years. His fate played well in his life. He was powerless. So he found a gang and joined it. To practiced himself and create his empire slowly with the help of his master. His rejoining made him even more strong and arrogant. His fate made him find his uncle who was involved in his parent's death. He slowly created his power and came out of his uncle’s control and started his empire. An Enormous empire. His own Kingdom. Now he fed his hunger, his massive hunger. He had the power to rule the world ( except the five countries ) Now, He had three last things to do: punish Ian and reveal the truth to the world about his parents and the second one, to find the truth behind his sister’s death and the last one, pour his love and take care of his kitten.He slowly stepped into the living room and found his kitten was clenching the pillow and sat on the couch. Slowly his fierce face changed into calm. His dream of gaining power was unlimited. He was greedy to gain more and more power and to a greater level to rule this world. Now he gained everything. He will not allow anything, anyone to destroy it. he won't lose his power for any reason. It's his hard work. He knew very well what he was doing. He won't lose his power as easily as his kitten. His kitten slowly made him soft and calm from his arrogant character. He doesn’t know what magic she used to pull him closer to her and make him get addicted to her. But he knew she would always be his life, his breath, and everything. To take his revenge. He married his kitten but he didn't expect that his vengeance slowly turned to love. He slowly moved to her without making any noise and sat near her and pulled her closer. He slowly inclined his face and buried his face on her neck. " What are you doing, Alex? " After hearing her voice. He looked at her amused and chuckled. Risa frowned at him and said " Because of you my sweet voice turned hoarse. " " Because of me? What did I do?" Alex said as he smirked. "" stumbled Risa, her cheeks were wounded with rosiness. " Then do I have to try that again tonight to get back your sweet, cute little voice? " said Alex as he tucked her hair behind her ears. Risa looked at him amused and pushed him and moved away from his grip." No..No need," yelled Risa. He chuckled and pulled her closer and continued to bite her collarbone which sent a shiver to her spinal cord.
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