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Chapter 66

  • Cullen tackled the were-bear-lion that was Rafe and the pair toppled over leaving Aislinn cowering on the ground, watching the fight. Her head was spinning and she couldn't quite make out what was happening yet. She felt as though she was trapped in one of Rafe's nightmares. Cullen was greatly outmatched in strength. But Rafe had never been in a hand to hand fight, was slower than the lycan, and was new to his form. The two men grappled and rolled. Cullen weaved, avoiding Rafe's gigantic paws and swiped at him in return. Cullen was tearing chunk after chunk of flesh from Rafe's hide. Rafe tilted his head like a bear and roared a lion's rage at Cullen, drool dripping from his jowls and Cullen growled back.
  • Kara watched the insanity break out around her. When Jenna called the Tairneach it was clear that the bitch had been planning this. Kara charged Jenna, intent on destroying the woman. Jenna watched unimpressed as Kara charged her. Just before Kara reached Jenna a large lycan appeared out of nowhere, taking her in the side and pinning her down. Kara grappled with the lycan roaring her rage at the loss of her target. Jenna disappeared into the fray.
  • Brinah worked her way around the circle of stones. As she managed to spill blood into the fourth reagent mixture on the ground Rafe started to falter. At first he wasn't sure what was happening. Something didn't feel right. Cullen charged him again, taking him to the ground. The were wolf-bear wrapped his arms around the lycan and tried to crush him. Cullen growled in pain as Rafe nearly broke his back. Brinah was feeling light headed as she reached the sixth stone. She pushed herself to complete her task. She sliced open her other hand and spilled blood onto the ground in the mixture that was still seeping into the ground. Rafe suddenly dropped Cullen. He stood disoriented and looked around with a fog over his eyes. When he saw Brinah he roared in anger and charged toward her.
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