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Chapter 98 DNA Test Result

  • Not wanting to explain what happened last night, Iris fell silent and hung her head low.
  • “Alright. Since the two of you still love each other, then try to get along from now on. By the way, aren’t you going to meet that woman today? Remember to get some hair or something like that from her so that I can get the DNA test done for you.”
  • “Got it, Uncle Otis. That’s why I’m back to accompany Alice. I’m worried that she will go too hard on her.”
  • “Hold on. I suggest you two just stay at home instead of going to meet her. I’ll go there on my own. Furthermore, that’s my house, so I don’t think she’d have the nerve to keep staying there.” Having made up his mind, Otis rose from the couch upon finishing his words.
  • “Uncle Otis, don’t go. I’ll handle this. I’d have to meet her sooner or later, and it’d be best if we could sort out everything through this meeting.”
  • “I’m worried that she’d go hard on you.”
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