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Chapter 97 An Awkward Encounter

  • “What else can it be other than Olivia’s matter?”
  • “Alright, you should go ahead and deal with it. I have an important meeting to attend at the office as well, so I won’t be keeping you here. Iris, tonight...” Lucas tentatively trailed off while he eagerly looked at her.
  • “I can’t come tonight. I have to go back.”
  • “Okay, suit yourself then.”
  • He did not press on with the matter. His attitude toward her changed since yesterday when he realized that he would not be able to win her heart by using a forceful approach; it would only push her away from him.
  • It was also in the same morning when two other people opened their eyes as well. As Louis and Melody opened their eyes, they met each other’s gaze.
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