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Chapter 92 Seeking Help from Melody

  • Both Iris and Lucas were both distressed about it at that moment, but the reasons for their distress were different.
  • She was thinking whether she should leave him, but his thoughts were completely different from hers. He was thinking how he should convince her to stay with him.
  • Nevertheless, both of them shared a common trait—their feelings.
  • They were not sure what exactly the feelings they had for each other were. Perhaps it was something that could only be seen clearly by those who were outsiders.
  • With fury raging within him, he sped all the way home. If the law did not forbid him, he would have really wanted to crash into everyone who was in his way.
  • After speeding for some time, Lucas finally calmed down. He felt that he was at fault—if he really wanted Iris to stay with him, he should put in more effort.
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