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Chapter 88 Enjoy Your Time Alone

  • “Don’t you think that this is too sudden?”
  • “Well, isn’t it good? You haven't had a father since you were young, so you can just treat Mister as your father.”
  • Upon hearing that, Alice thought that Iris’ words made sense. On top of that, Otis had been taking good care of them all this while and he indeed gave Alice the warm feeling of having a home. When she was previously with Olivia, she had never thought about something like this.
  • “What are you girls doing there? You should go upstairs and familiarize yourselves with your rooms. From now onward, this is your home. Do you get me?”
  • When both of them were whispering to each other, he had suddenly appeared in front of them and sent a shock to Iris.
  • “Mister, aren’t you busy in the kitchen?”
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