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Chapter 86 Goddaughter

  • “Why are you here, Iris?” Fabian saw Iris at once and asked in confusion because next to her was another cute girl whom he had never met.
  • After asking the question, he looked at Otis again.
  • Fabian had never heard Otis sharing about the relationship that he and Iris had.
  • “Dad, actually Iris has known Uncle Otis for a while. She’s now renting a room in his house.”
  • “Rent a house? Why did this happen? What happened to your place? Don’t you have anywhere to stay? Why didn’t you buy a house for her?”
  • To Fabian, since Iris was already the King Family’s daughter-in-law, she naturally had status and position. Why would she rent another place elsewhere? If this news is spread out, the joke is on us!
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