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Chapter 85 Moving Into the Mansion

  • Iris lowered her voice and spoke in Otis’ ears softly. “Are you alright, Mister? If you let her stay with us, what are we going to do in the future?”
  • Otis merely kept smiling. Until now, the smile on his face had never stopped. He gently patted Iris’ shoulders and waved to both of them. The trio then left the house. A car was already waiting for them downstairs, so they quickly got into it.
  • “Mister, what’s going on?”
  • “Doesn’t she want to stay there? Just let her be. The three of us are not going to live there anymore.”
  • “Mister, if we are not staying there, where are we going? To the hotel again?”
  • “Ha! You underestimate me. Do you think I only have that house? Don’t worry; we won’t be staying in the hotel. I won’t let you be homeless.” Otis looked confident and he greeted the driver, who started driving the car away.
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