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Chapter 82 Always Working an Angle

  • “You are too polite. Fine—I’ll accept your kindness since you’ve brought over the porridge for me. You don’t have to hover anymore. I’ll have the porridge later, but you should head home now because the kids are still at home.”
  • Otis was just trying to be polite, but he regretted it the moment blurted out the last part where he said ‘the kids are still at home’. It suddenly occurred to him that Alice had left Olivia, hence the former couldn’t possibly be at home. Do I sound like I am hinting at something?
  • Olivia seemed hesitant when she heard that. Initially, she did not know how to react but when she snapped back to her senses, she flashed him a smile, as though she was very pleased with herself.
  • “Right—the children are still at home and both of them need to eat too. Don’t you worry, Mr. King. I will look after the children well when you’re not around. Please focus on recuperating in the hospital.”
  • Iris thought she sounded ridiculous. Did she say that she’d look after the children well? Olivia doesn’t make sense because she’s switching up her facts as it suits her. Earlier, she mentioned that Alice and I are her children but all of a sudden, she made it sound as if we are Otis’ kids.
  • “Alright; you should leave with Iris. The nurses will be here in a minute so you don’t have to worry about me. I will be discharged from the hospital if everything goes smoothly in the next two days.”
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