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Chapter 66 A Warm-Hearted Man

  • The hooligans were fully aware that if they persisted in their pursuit, they most probably wouldn’t be able to walk out of this place on their feet.
  • Based on my observation of their stride, these guys are skilled in martial arts. They wouldn’t be able to radiate such a vibe without at least ten years of experience.
  • By that point, the rest of the hooligans noticed that the situation was getting out of hand. As a result, all of them dispersed like the wind and ran off in the opposite direction.
  • “Ladies, are you alright?” The mister removed his glasses as he approached Iris and Alice.
  • His eyes are massive. That was Iris’s initial reaction upon seeing the man’s eyes. She had never seen a guy with such expressive eyes. Although he looked advanced in his years, his eyes did not reveal his age and it looked incompatible for someone his age.
  • “Thanks for saving us, Mister. If it wasn’t for you, the two of us would be at a complete loss as to what to do,” she expressed her gratitude heartfeltly.
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