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Chapter 64 Unscrupulous Estate Agent

  • Lucas was utterly disappointed with Iris. He didn’t know she was someone like that. Therefore, he had no reason to keep her by his side.
  • “I’m not here asking for her. I couldn’t reach her for the past two days. I’m worried that something has happened to her.”
  • “She’s a living person. It’s normal if you can’t reach her. If she doesn’t want to see you, of course, she won’t come to you.”
  • This time, Lucas wasn’t mad at his brother. After all, he was determined to cut ties with Iris. Thus, there was no need to create hatred amongst them.
  • “You really don’t know where she is?”
  • “Are you suspecting that I’ve hidden her somewhere? Don’t worry. I’m not that bored. If you want to look for her, by all means, just do it.”
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