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Chapter 55 Trying to Appease Iris

  • “Alright, that is all I came to tell you. I don’t want to get to the bottom of what happened in the past either, so I suggest you stay further away from Iris from this point on. I know you’ve already made a public announcement, so I just wanted to tell you to let her go as soon as possible. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not showing you any mercy.”
  • “Not showing me any mercy? What? Are you going to hit me again?”
  • “Hit you? Don’t worry. We are brothers, after all. I won’t use violence so easily, but there is one person who can keep you under control. Look out for yourself, Lucas.”
  • When the conversation came to an end, Louis turned and left Lucas’ office.
  • Look out for myself? Those words rang clearly in his ears. He also knew that the only person who could keep him under control—the person Louis mentioned—was his father, Fabian.
  • Even though Louis doesn’t care about the business, he always does what Dad tells him. Dad would probably believe anything he says.
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