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Chapter 52 Asking Louis for Help

  • In this case, Iris could not come clean to her father yet. Otherwise, it would only sadden him more.
  • “No, no. He treats me really well. I’ve met his family already. It was their group’s cocktail party last night, so he brought me along to attend. He also made the announcement during the party.”
  • “That’s good to know. I’m really happy about this. Why don’t you find time to bring him home with you? I’ll prepare a meal for you both. Since you’re already engaged, I have to do something as your father. You should also discuss with his family and find a time for me to pay a visit. We might be poor, but we must have a backbone. We’re not after his money. Even if there’s extra money, we don’t want any bit of it.”
  • “I know, Dad. I know. Don’t worry about it. I will make the arrangements.”
  • “Okay. Also, I’ve put the house I’m currently living in under your name. I don’t want you to end up living in someone else’s house next time. I’ll find an old folks’ home to move into later. You can decide if you want to keep or sell this house. It’s yours now.”
  • “Alright, Dad. I still have some work to do here, so I can’t talk anymore. Let’s talk in person when I go see you in a couple of days.”
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