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Chapter 236 Uninvited Guest in the Office

  • Lucas’s behavior startled the office workers. Where did this unexpected guest come from? He seemed to be in a hurry and appeared very rude!
  • Lucas kept walking until the end of the row of offices, arriving at Tobias’s office. Immediately, he took a look at the sign hanging on the door—there was ‘Chief Financial Officer’ written on it.
  • Lucas thought, Strange. Iris is no longer the Chief Financial Officer, but this office is the only place that I haven’t looked in. Is she really in there?
  • If this was the case, then it was most likely arranged by Louis. Even though Louis had just begun to slowly pick up on work at King Corporation, Lucas knew that he was at least capable of arranging this regardless.
  • “Sir, this is our CFO’s office, so you can’t just barge in.”
  • “Who is your CFO?”
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