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Chapter 23 A Million to Show You the Truth

  • Upon arriving downstairs, Iris saw and heard a high-end car outside. Since she wasn’t versed with cars, her ability to distinguish between high-end cars was extremely bad.
  • She was too afraid to verify whether the person in the car was Lucas. It was only when the car window rolled down that she saw his familiar face in front of her.
  • “What are you looking at? Do you still want to check the car out some more?”
  • His tone was filled with ridicule which made her slightly upset. I just wanted to make sure. Does he have to be such a bully?
  • They were silent throughout the whole drive. Since she was in the backseat, she was considerably far away from him. She really did not know what she had let slip that would infuriate him suddenly.
  • A while later, the car drove into a compound. Even though it was dark, she was still able to recognize it through the car window. It was the hospital she went to in the afternoon.
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