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Chapter 228 Forced to Resign

  • The more Fabian heard Otis speaking, the more he felt that the latter’s words had revealed some information. He ignored everything else and started speaking about the history of the King Corporation. He must have his reasons to do so because it’s impossible that this is all small talk.
  • Hence, Fabian became quite nervous. Does my younger brother really have something up his sleeves? Before this, I had never suspected him of such behavior! “Otis, just say whatever is on your mind. You don’t have to beat around the bush in this way. All the directors here are considered as our family, so you have nothing to hide.”
  • Before Otis could even finish his speech, Fabian had already interrupted him.
  • Upon hearing that, Otis gently nodded. I have to announce it no matter what. Since Fabian seems to have discovered something, I can grant his wish and continue with my speech. “I know what you mean, Fabian, so I’m planning to talk about the setting of the meeting with the Board of Directors today. Now that many years have passed, there has not been any change here. From the beginning, you have been holding all the power, haven’t you, Fabian?”
  • With that, he looked at Fabian, who nodded gently.
  • “I guess you have probably lost the passion and focus after some time and you want to slowly retire. Hence, you handed everything to Lucas for him to take care of. Am I right about this, Lucas? If my calculations are correct, it has been almost five years since you worked here.”
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