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Chapter 221 Iris Confesses

  • Lucas stared at Iris in shock because he did not expect her to exert such a huge strength.
  • “You—” Lucas was just about to speak but Iris’ tears started streaming down and her facial features contorted in pain.
  • “Are you unable to let go? Do you know each time I approach you, you would push me away repeatedly? Did you even know that? Yes, I admit that I still have feelings for you and I have been in love with you in the past. However, what did I receive in return? Did you even treat me like a fellow human being? What did you take me for? A toy? Perhaps I am a lover or companion in bed. I honestly have had enough; I have given you countless chances but you have never appreciated them. In short, it has taken a lot of effort for me to step out of your shadow, Lucas. I hope that you will never disturb me anymore, alright?”
  • After saying that, Iris crouched down on the floor and bawled her eyes out. It was only then that Lucas finally understood—under his interrogation, Iris revealed the truth. She has finally admitted that she has feelings for me and that she is in love with me. However, I have hurt her in the past.
  • “Alright; you can get up now. Stop crying.” Lucas approached her to help her up, but she pushed him away ruthlessly.
  • “Iris, I swear that if you give me another chance, I will stay by your side and I will never disappoint you. Do you trust me?”
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