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Chapter 220 Tracking Her All the Way to Her Residence

  • Upon coming to that conclusion, Lucas got out of the car. Then, he made his way to the entrance of the house number according to the given address, and knocked on the door lightly.
  • Iris was confused when she heard the knock on the door. Why would anyone be here? Besides, I have only mentioned this place to Alice and I am sure that she will not be looking for me at this hour. Does somebody else know about this place?
  • “Who is that?” Iris shouted loudly from inside the house. In all honesty, she was slightly afraid that an uninvited guest was here to pester her.
  • “Iris, open the door,” a familiar voice answered her and she immediately recognized the voice as Lucas’.
  • Upon hearing that, she frowned deeply. How did he manage to find me here? Could Alice have informed him? I honestly can’t understand why Alice would betray me repeatedly. Don’t I deserve to live a calm and peaceful life for a few days?
  • “Lucas, I told you that there is no need for us to meet. It is best for you to leave.”
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