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Chapter 218 Scolded by Iris

  • It was apparent that Otis would most probably be the only person who got a good night’s sleep that night. He waited until Director Young left before he started preparing tea in the office happily. After finishing his tea, he stood up to head back home.
  • I know that Director Young will give me an answer by tonight, which is exactly why I have to wait patiently. As long as I have a breakthrough with the first director, things will be easier with the rest of them.
  • At that moment, everybody was feeling a sense of unfairness, and this included Iris. She just could not endure this because she wasn’t sure about herself and she wasn’t sure how long Lucas would pester her.
  • Upon returning home, she didn’t even bother to eat because she was preoccupied with the incident. In fact, she kept on tossing and turning in bed.
  • She wasn’t sure who to vent these frustrations to. Should I tell Uncle Otis or Alice?
  • However, none of them would help her situation and she would most probably accomplish nothing apart from venting her frustration, so she decided against it. Iris then took her phone to stare at Lucas’ phone number. Even at this point, she hesitated whether to give him a call.
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