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Chapter 211 Questioning Odette

  • After she had done all these, Iris still felt rather lost and she didn't even know where to begin.
  • Even though she had some information in her hands, she did not have concrete evidence to prove that Lucas arranged this.
  • Sitting in her office chair, she started to swirl around as she tried to think of the people who might be behind all this. After a turn, she suddenly remembered another person—Otis King.
  • After all, Otis was also the vice-chairman of the King Corporation, so his words carried weight. It should not be too difficult for him to make such arrangements.
  • Now, the problem is which one of them arranged this behind my back. Iris had a scale within her—if this was done by Otis, she would not blame him; instead, she would thank him for quietly helping her out. Even though she could not accept this position, she would thank him nevertheless.
  • However, if Lucas was the one who did this, Iris could never accept it, as she felt that he was looking down on her and stepping on her pride. No matter what, she would never accept the position.
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