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Chapter 208 Otis Realized Something Strange

  • “It takes time to get used to any type of change. Go ahead to the second floor since your room is there.”
  • “M-My room?” Olivia was shocked to hear that. Shouldn’t I be staying in the same room as him?
  • Of course, Otis understood what she meant after hearing her response. “Do you think it’s possible for us to live in the same room based on our current positions? It’s better for you to have a separate room. Plus, it’s something we can talk about in the future.”
  • “Alright. I will head upstairs to unpack my stuff then. You can continue with your errands.” She nodded. It was already quite generous of him to give her such an offer, so she knew that she should not cross the line by asking to stay in the same room as him. After all, they were not even husband and wife yet.
  • Otis had only walked out of his study when it was quite late. Currently, his room, her room, Alice’s room, and his study were all located on the second floor. Now that he was done with his stuff in the study, he quietly walked out of the room.
  • Olivia’s room was located at the end of the corridor. He lowered his head to look in the direction and realized that the lights were already switched off in her room. At the very least, he could not see any bright light coming out from her room. Instead, there was only a dim light that probably belonged to the night lamp.
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