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Chapter 203 Family Ties

  • However, Lucas merely felt grateful toward her and wanted to compensate her for his past behavior. Apart from that, he had no other thoughts.
  • To be able to provide Iris with the position, he considered his job done. From now onward, no matter what she faces, I will have nothing to do with her anymore.
  • At this moment, he suddenly had a peculiar thought. Maybe it’s time for me to let this woman go. He was never quite interested in her from the beginning. Instead, he was merely curious about her.
  • After he analyzed her as a person, he felt that it was not that meaningful to have her next to him, so he stopped thinking about her.
  • On the other hand, Otis now had the equity confirmation in his hands. All the shares purchased were under his name and the ones he owned at this moment was indeed greater than his brother. Even though he had complete power to control the Board of Directors at this moment, he had always been quite wary. If he really took this step, he would be severing his ties with Fabian.
  • “Sir, have you thought about your next steps? Now that we have what we wanted and the Board of Directors’ meeting is in three days, should we publicly announce this at that time instead?
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