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Chapter 194 Iris Says Goodbye

  • On the other hand, when Otis knew that Iris intended to leave, he was completely against the idea. She was like another daughter to him, so he didn’t sit well with the idea of his daughter leaving him.
  • “Iris, are you joking? You just got discharged, so you still need rest and someone to take care of you. I have already planned to hire maids to serve the two of you. You can just stay at home, or maybe take a trip overseas if you’re bored. All those would not be a problem at all, so do you really have to leave this place to live on your own?”
  • Otis’s query was within Iris’s expectations, for she knew that he would not agree to her leaving this place. Throughout her stay, she could feel that Otis was like a dear father to her.
  • “Uncle Otis, I understand your concerns, and I know that you may find difficulty coming to terms with this. But in the end, I am still an outsider. I am a Parker, not a King. Sooner or later, I will have to leave, so I want to try living on my own in a new environment. Therefore, I really hope that you will give me your blessings.”
  • “But Iris, do you know how hard it is to survive out there? I don’t want you to go through that sort of hardship. You have wonderful living conditions available to you, and I don’t mind it one bit. Why do you not want to stay?”
  • “Uncle Otis, please. I have already made up my mind to leave. I cannot rely on you forever. Can you give me some space so that I can learn to be independent?” Holding Otis’s hands, Iris coaxed, her voice filled with emotion.
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