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Chapter 183 Director Gordon

  • “He has more? Could it be that he bought more shares from the other directors?” Otis asked in surprise. As a matter of fact, there should be no private transactions happening between the directors as this would mean going against the principles of the company. He began to wonder, If Director Gordon really did such a thing, then would Fabian know about this? Or was this actually orchestrated by him?
  • “No, Sir. It seems that he did it through some other methods. He acquired the capital of some retail investors and got his current shares through accumulation.”
  • “Okay. What is the background of this person? What is his situation? Also, is he currently living in the country?”
  • “No, he has never been in the country and has always lived overseas. However, it is said that he likes to travel around; hence, it is difficult to find his fixed residence. Besides, I discovered one thing during the investigation. He was involved in an illegal trade abroad and is now wanted by the local government, causing him to be on the run currently.”
  • “What kind of illegal trade?”
  • “He seemed to be involved in arms trafficking.”
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