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Chapter 180 Otis Was Not Able to Walk Around With His Head Up

  • Otis was absolutely baffled by this sudden twist. He felt overwhelmed and clueless as to how he should handle this. In fact, he couldn’t even begin to comprehend Olivia’s words. Was she telling the truth or was she just bluffing? Is that kid really mine?
  • At once, he fell into deep thoughts. To be honest, he had always dreamed of having a son of his own. This way, he would have a successor, who would be able to take over the many properties he owned.
  • But unfortunately for him, he only ever had a daughter. Therefore, he regarded Alice as the apple of his eye and thus had the intention of transferring all his assets under her name in the future. However, Olivia’s announcement indeed made Otis question his decision.
  • Undoubtedly, he was excited about having another child, but the mother of this child could be a source of problems for him. Knowing that she led a private life so messy that he couldn’t keep track of whom she had been with, he was unable to trust her, let alone adore her. Needless to say, he was unable to confirm the identity of this alleged child of his.
  • Even though Olivia seemed as if she was leaving him at this point, Otis was certain that if he were to settle this, he would have to look for her again. However, since he was already at the hospital, he thought that he should still pay Iris a visit. Only by doing so would he have peace of mind to deal with the affairs pertaining to Olivia properly.
  • After parking, Otis exited his car while heaving a sigh. Never would he have thought that something like this would happen to him at this age; in fact, it made him feel embarrassed.
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