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Chapter 179 Olivia Was Pregnant

  • “You do whatever you want. I’ll hang up if there’s nothing else.”
  • It seemed that Lucas, who was on the other end of the line, didn’t have anything else to add after what Melody said, so she ended the call right away. Nevertheless, she knew that he just couldn’t accept the fact for now. Soon enough, he’d be sure to take the initiative to call her first. Melody was certain that she would win him over.
  • Upon handling everything, Otis let out a sigh of relief. Now that this was all over, he felt that he still had the obligation to explain to Iris, so he decided to drive straight to the hospital. However, it never occurred to him that he would bump into another woman at the hospital entrance.
  • It was none other than Olivia. For some reason, she had been waiting at the entrance to the hospital. It wasn’t clear what or who she was waiting for, but as soon as she saw Otis’ car approaching, she hurriedly stood in front of his car to block him.
  • Otis immediately slammed on the brakes. He was about to drive forward, yet the last thing he would imagine was for a woman to suddenly rush out. Anger began to rise in his chest as he thought of how close that woman was from getting run over.
  • “Bloody hell! Do you have a death wish?!” Instantly, Otis wound down his car window and shouted loudly. Only when the woman raised her head did he realize that it was Olivia.
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