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Chapter 169 Does Uncle Otis Know Already?

  • “It won’t be so serious. Don’t worry. I’ll find the best doctor for you to treat your body. Don’t listen to these doctors. They always like to exaggerate things. Besides, haven’t you always—”
  • “It’s fine, Lucas. I don’t want to talk to you, so please don’t bother me anymore.” With that, Melody turned around and walked away in a huff. Lucas didn’t stop her, but simply smiled helplessly and lightly shook his head. He knew her character extremely well. She was a typical bossy young woman with the temper of the daughter of a wealthy family.
  • Usually, he dared not offend her. Since he had offended her now, Lucas didn’t try to persuade her anymore. All he could do now was to give her time to cool down. Besides, there were more important things for Lucas to handle back at the office.
  • A camera had been installed at the end of the corridor, and it was directly facing Lucas’ office door. It was a recent addition, so few people knew about it. Lucas wanted to see who overheard their conversation that night. Maybe it wasn’t Uncle Otis? If it really wasn’t him, then the matter probably wouldn’t be so complicated.
  • By the time he returned to the office, it was already nine. Lucas felt a little tired. He thought that he could have a good time with Melody tonight, but he never thought that such an incident would happen. Forget it, Lucas thought. I shouldn’t be worried about that. The most important thing for him to do now was to deal with the matter at hand first.
  • Two days ago, he received a call from Fabian. Within a few days, Fabian would return to Rosmonia after handling the matters at Malicuria. If Otis was holding back and wanted to cause Lucas trouble, then he would undoubtedly reveal this news to the world the minute Fabian came back. Besides his reputation, his position on the Board of Directors would also be affected. This was what Lucas dreaded most.
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