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Chapter 164 Entangled

  • Looking at the time, Otis saw that it was already 6 PM. Even if I return to the company now, I won’t have anything to do. Why don’t I just wait here quietly for a bit? If I wait for him to come back, then I can get to the bottom of this tonight.
  • Since it was about Iris, he did not dare be laid back about it. He had to find the mastermind behind the accident in order to get Iris away from danger.
  • At the moment, they only lost the child. What about next time? Would they lose her too?
  • Inside the hospital, Lucas slowly made his way to the hospital room and looked in through the window. As expected, Iris was lying on the hospital bed alone just as Adam had assumed. I guess that phone call from Alice was really a heads-up for me.
  • He lifted his hand to knock on the door, but he suddenly remembered that she was the only one inside. Do I have to be so polite with her? With that thought in mind, he opened the door and walked right in.
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