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Chapter 161 Findings of the Investigation

  • “There’s no point in saying these things when you’ll have to join the King Family sooner or later. Oh, that’s right. Do you know what I want to eat now?”
  • “What do you want to eat?”
  • “Mr. Soto’s Noodles…” While Iris spoke, she couldn’t help but swallow a few small mouthfuls of saliva like a little greedy cat.
  • Alice rolled her eyes then shot a glare at her.
  • Even though they were bickering and bantering with each other, after hearing that she wanted to eat something good, Alice felt happy for her. It proved that Iris had already put the miscarriage behind her.
  • Meanwhile, Otis did not leave the room abruptly for the same reason Lucas did. He was carrying a separate phone in his pocket that only a few people knew about. It was a phone he used specifically to carry out discreet investigations, and this time, it was regarding Iris.
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