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Chapter 159 The Suspicious Perpetrator

  • “Oh, I see. Well, then I’ll go to the police station to see how they’re going to handle the situation. I’ll come here and tell you guys what happened in the evening.” Then, Otis glanced at Iris before he left the ward.
  • When Otis arrived at the police station, the man was being interrogated inside the interrogation room. So, Otis stood outside and waited patiently.
  • A moment later, he saw a man dressed in black come out. However, the man didn’t look as gloomy as he thought. There was actually a joyful smile on his face. Otis was baffled. This man came here because of the accident. No matter the degree of severity, he shouldn’t be this cheerful.
  • “Stop.”
  • Otis quickly stopped the perpetrator. When the latter found himself being stopped by a random man, he didn’t know what was happening. So, he looked at Otis in bewilderment. “What’s wrong? What’s your problem?”
  • The man sounded rude. He seemed different from the man Iris had described. He was supposed to have a good attitude since he kept on apologizing to her.
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