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Chapter 157 An Unexpected Car Accident

  • Mr. Moss went to Otis’ villa in the morning to sign the contract with Alice. Before the contract was concluded and signed, he didn’t forget to explain the details to Alice again carefully. Iris was afraid that it would be inappropriate for her to stay since it was a family matter, so she decided to leave.
  • She walked around aimlessly outside the villa and ended up subconsciously leaving the neighborhood.
  • As soon as she came out, a car was observing her from afar in secret. Those people in the car had been waiting outside for the past two days, and they finally saw her now. Quickly, the man sitting in the passenger seat dialed a number, and Melody’s voice was heard on the other side.
  • “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”
  • “Miss Berry, we’ve been waiting for the past two days, and this woman finally came out. She’s wandering outside the neighborhood. What should we do?”
  • “What else can you do? Of course, you should stick to the original plan. Remember: don’t hurt her too badly; otherwise, things might turn ugly. Also, once you’re done, don’t run away. Wait for the police officers to deal with you.”
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