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Chapter 155 The First Dispute

  • To be honest, Otis’s heart was a chaotic mess inside. I haven’t even been able to solve my own issues yet, and now, I also have Iris’ issues on my plate too. These issues had completely caught him off guard. However, there was one thought in his head that remained clear from the start until the end—he was not going to be a sitting duck any longer. If the King Corporation continues developing in this direction, Lucas will kick me out of the Board of Directors one day. On this point, he had no choice but to take precautions against Lucas. He needed to set his countermeasures in place before Lucas made a move against him. Otherwise, it would be too late for him to recover his position once he was kicked out of the company.
  • Early the next morning, Otis opened the door to his office. He wanted Lucas to see that he had remained in the company throughout the entire night last night. Moreover, he wanted Lucas to know that he was aware of the scandalous acts Lucas was carrying out. The reason he opened his office door was that he knew if Lucas wanted to go to the restaurant upstairs for breakfast, Lucas had to pass by his office along the way.
  • Sure enough; he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the outside a few minutes later. He glanced at the time and saw that it was only 7 AM. It was too early for ordinary employees to arrive at this hour. Therefore, that person was most likely Lucas.
  • When Lucas walked to the door, he suddenly noticed that the door to his uncle’s office was open and subconsciously glanced inside. As expected, Otis was sitting inside the room, holding a newspaper in his hands, and reading the contents of the newspaper seriously.
  • “Uncle Otis, why are you here so early?” Lucas asked curiously; he was very surprised.
  • “Oh, Lucas. Aren’t you early too? Besides, I can’t be considered early. I didn’t even leave the office at all last night.”
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