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Chapter 149 You Were Drugged

  • Indeed, that had certainly disappointed Iris and Alice. They had an idolized image of Otis in their hearts, so they never imagined that he could fall prey to a beautiful woman too. It was undeniable that Olivia was quite a beauty. Plus, she knew how to dress up. Any man would find it hard to control themselves when they saw her.
  • “Olivia, let me tell you this again: what happened last night is in the past. I drank too much last night. I did not expect something like that to happen, but I’m being frank with you right now: this place does not welcome you. I need you to leave immediately.” Otis forcefully dragged Olivia out of her seat while he was speaking. Displeased, Olivia struggled against him but couldn’t break free of his grip.
  • “Let go of me. I want to clarify everything today. Just who the hell is being victimized here? I originally sent you to your office out of kindness last night. To my surprise, you held me back and slept with me. Don’t you think you should take responsibility for me?”
  • Nobody could have expected that Olivia would start sobbing loudly as she spoke. Thus, everyone felt that it was rather strange. On the other hand, Alice was the only one who had the greatest understanding of the current situation—she knew best just what kind of person Olivia was after all. She glanced at Otis with a highly disappointing look. She never imagined that he would do something like this. However, she was certain that what happened was real since he was not refuting anything Olivia said.
  • “Alice, let me explain—”
  • “That’s enough; I don’t want to say anything. Olivia, we don’t want to see you right now. Can you please leave this place? Regardless of what happened between you and Dad, those matters are between the two of you. It has nothing to do with me.”
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