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Chapter 146 Win Over His Connections

  • However, his vice-chairman had given him quite a good first impression. Andy found that Otis was approachable and amiable—unlike Lucas, who was always sour-faced and never smiled at any of the employees.
  • “Haha. Yes, I’ve just recently taken up the post, and it’s only been two months now. So far, I’ve yet to fully understand most of the work that the logistics department does. I’m also learning little by little. If I’m not doing something well, you must point out my mistakes and correct me, Mr. King.”
  • “Criticisms and feedback are out of the question. My professionalism might not even be as good as yours. Perhaps I should learn from you.”
  • “Mr. King, you must be joking.”
  • Andy lowered his head in embarrassment when he spoke. He didn’t understand why Otis didn’t ask to meet with the other department managers. Why did he summon me—a logistics manager who is the lowest ranking one among all the department managers?
  • “What do you think? Do you think there are any management loopholes in the company’s logistics during this period?”
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