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Chapter 137 Otis Intervenes

  • “We can’t wait. By the time your dad returns, it will be too late. Director Lautner might change his mind or go back on his word. By then, no one will be able to salvage the situation. Would you be able to buy those shares through other means?”
  • Lucas could not answer Otis. Despite having handled company matters all these years, he was never in charge of shareholders. If he had to buy those shares back in a short amount of time, it would definitely be a problem for him.
  • Suddenly, he thought of Iris.
  • She was living at Otis’ place at the moment and seemed to have a closer relationship with him than with Lucas. Would Uncle Otis be able to help me deal with her?
  • “Uncle Otis, let’s talk about this later. I have more pressing matters that I want to talk to you about right now.”
  • “What is it?”
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