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Chapter 132 Alice Revealed the Secret

  • Listening to Diego’s comment about Lucas, Otis nodded slightly. He didn’t know Lucas had left such a positive impression on his colleagues. It seemed like it would be difficult for him to take over Lucas’ position.
  • Lucas was in the company when he received Alice’s call. Alice finally decided to inform him about what happened after long contemplation. Lucas was the father of the baby after all. Besides, she also felt that Iris had indeed acted impulsively. If Iris ended up regretting her decision because of her rash decision, even as a friend, Alice couldn’t bear the consequences.
  • After thinking about it for a while, Alice made up her mind to tell Lucas the secret. They both should have a say in whether the baby should be kept.
  • Alice had known Lucas for a very long time. Nevertheless, she had never called him before. Although they had become family, not to mention Lucas had suddenly become her cousin, Alice still felt awkward calling him.
  • “Hi, I’m Lucas King.” Lucas was in his office. He wasn’t familiar with the number, and he couldn’t guess who was calling, so he didn’t hesitate to introduce himself.
  • “I’m Alice Palmer.”
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