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Chapter 129 A Forced Kiss

  • Iris couldn’t wait to look at the document. As expected, she saw Dexter’s name on it. Impatient, she quickly found a pen and signed her name on the other side of the document. From this moment onward, the divorce agreement was legally binding. The relationship between Iris and Dexter had officially ended.
  • “Well, everything is finally over. This man probably won’t disturb you in the future anymore. If he dares to do that again, remember to call me. I won’t let him off the hook.”
  • Upon hearing that, Iris found Lucas’ words ridiculous. Why would I call you? Not only did Iris want to cut ties with Dexter, but she also wanted to end things with Lucas.
  • “Okay. No matter what, I’m very grateful for what you did tonight. If it weren’t for your help, perhaps Dexter wouldn’t let me go so easily.”
  • “I helped you because you’re in my heart. Iris, can you give me a chance? Or should I say: can you give both of us a chance? We can get to know each other again. What do you think?”
  • “Huh. Get to know each other again? What? Didn’t we know each other before this?”
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