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Chapter 125 Meeting Dexter Watson

  • “That’s enough. We should probably enter.” Iris was unwilling to continue listening to Lucas. His words were already beginning to draw her into his honeytrap. She firmly believed that if he was allowed to continue speaking, the tensed guard she kept up against him would eventually relax and disappear. The walls she built to keep him out would come tumbling down again. For that reason, she had to put a prompt stop to him before he achieved his goal. Most importantly, she came here today for a reason—it was so that she could properly say her goodbyes to Dexter and her past.
  • When Lucas heard what Iris said, he slowly turned his head back to look at her. In the beginning, his gaze had been fixed on the villa. It was only now that he dared to look her squarely in the eyes. “Are you looking forward to it that much?”
  • “Yes, I am. The affairs between Dexter and me are pretty ridiculous; it has dragged on for too long. We need to have a clean break this time, no matter what it takes. Once inside, I will set an appointment with him so that the two of us can settle our divorce proceedings. That’s the only way I can truly get away from him.”
  • “No need. I’ve already prepared the divorce papers for you. It’s already inside the villa. All you need is for him to sign them once we go in later.”
  • She had not expected him to be so thoughtful when it came to these matters. It felt as if many of her private affairs had been personally taken care of by him. Even so, she no longer wanted to have any feelings for this man anymore—she already knew of his true colors after all.
  • “Okay.” After saying that, she headed into the villa. He seemed rather disappointed by her reaction. He originally thought that he would hear words of gratitude coming from her. However, he heard nothing of the sort and only received an ice-cold expression in return.
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