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Chapter 122 Name Your Price

  • “I don’t want a single penny from you. I don’t want you either. Raising Alice is my responsibility. Besides, how can you ask me to cut all contact with Alice just like that? Don’t you think your actions are too cruel?”
  • “I can’t say that my actions are cruel. I haven’t met Alice for the past ten years. Therefore, it’s time for her to remain by my side now; you’re just an unrelated person.”
  • “Mr. King, is this how the King Family treats an adoptive mother? Don’t you think that what you just said will negatively impact King Corporation if word about this got out?” I heard that King Corporation has only just started up domestically. I’m certain the company will not want to be involved in such negative news. After saying that, Olivia sneakily glanced at Otis and saw the flash of unnaturalness flitting across his expression. With that, she knew that her words had hit him where it hurt the most.
  • Otis knew that once this woman went crazy, she could do anything—just like the police report the other day. If she leaks this information to the media, it will be a huge blow to the company and my current position in the company. What’s more, I have only just entered the board of directors. Everything is only in its infancy.
  • “Haha. I didn’t expect you to be so insightful. What I said just now was only to test you; I wanted to see just how much Alice was worth in your mind.”
  • “I have never considered my children in terms of how much they are worth, so your test is useless.”
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