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Chapter 119 Private Meeting

  • There was always an unspoken rule in King Corporation—no matter where the company established itself, it would always keep one office vacant regardless of where the office building was located. That office was left vacant especially for Fabian’s use.
  • The King Corporation of today was no different. Even though it had moved its operations from Malicuria back to the country and finally gained a stable foothold in the city, it maintained the custom dated back to its initial establishment and kept a spacious office vacant. For that reason, Otis successfully stationed himself in that office. As was his habit, he placed a photo on his desk—it was a photo of him and Caryn when she was still just a child. He held the photo in his hand and played with it lovingly.
  • “Sir.” While he was admiring the photo with all his attention, a man walked over and called out to him quietly.
  • He placed the photo back on the desk and gazed at it fondly again before reluctantly shifting his gaze toward the man standing next to him. His gaze was slightly contemptuous. “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”
  • “Sir, they haven’t exited the room since you left.”
  • He nodded lightly after hearing that. Then, he rolled up his sleeves and glanced at the watch on his wrist. “It’s been 40 minutes. That’s impressive. They sure have a lot to talk about for them to talk for a full 40 minutes.”
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