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Chapter 116 Vice-Chairman

  • At 2:00PM, the Board of Directors of King Corporation started their second meeting in the company on time. During their first meeting, they were mainly discussing the future development of the company and several local collaborations with other corporations.
  • However, this time, there would be a huge change in the board. The other directors could feel it coming because not every one of them would be here if there wasn’t going to be any big changes.
  • In the meeting room, there were many directors—some joined the King Corporation a long time ago and Otis was familiar with them, but some of them had joined the company afterward, so they didn’t know him that well.
  • “Alright. Since everyone is here, I would like to introduce my little brother, Otis King. Before this, he had been doing investment work abroad, but now, he has returned to the country to officially join the King Corporation.”
  • Fabian solemnly introduced Otis in front of all the directors, but he didn’t mention that Otis was actually living in his house for the last few years. Instead, he changed the story, perhaps to make it easier for everyone to accept Otis’ presence.
  • Then, there was a round of applause from the other directors. Since Fabian mentioned that Otis was his family member, the other directors naturally wouldn’t oppose him. Considering that the King Family had fixed shares among them, they didn’t have the right to criticize Fabian’s decision.
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