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Chapter 115 I Like Him

  • “Are you sure? Do you need to follow the legal procedures? Let me remind you, Otis—don’t be fooled by the young girl and believe whatever they say. Don’t be cheated again.”
  • It seemed like Fabian was still reluctant to accept this news and he wished that it was a mistake.
  • “I won’t. Fabian, I’ve already confirmed it and the DNA report is still with me now. That’s right—Alice is my biological daughter. Caryn has been living in this city for many years and she has been adopted by Olivia.”
  • “I see. If this really is the case, I have to congratulate you. Find some time to ask the two kids to have dinner as a family together.”
  • “Don’t worry, Fabian. We have all the time in the world.”
  • Even though they looked calm on the surface, everyone had their own thoughts within.
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