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Chapter 109 You Will Be Cheated On

  • “Nothing much, I’m just looking through some projects to see if there’s anything worth investing in.”
  • To be frank, Louis was not one to ask much about the company as he didn’t have much interest in it.
  • “Okay, just set aside that mess for now. The corporation is still in a startup phase here, so there are many things to tend to. From tomorrow onward, you should work at King Corporation.”
  • “Dad, didn’t I tell you that you can leave company matters to Lucas? He does his job well so there’s nothing much I could worry about.”
  • “Do you think he can handle everything on his own? Moreover, I have to deal with some overseas business. Do you think the Malicurian government will let me off so easily? I have to negotiate and tend to them so I don’t really have time to manage the corporation here. The two of you should manage the corporation for now.”
  • “But I…”
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