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Chapter 6 Do You Want Me to Help

  • Chloe’s fingertips slowly slid across Harry’s sharply-outlined face with a sexual undertone as her mouth curved in a charming and bewitching smile. Then, she gently exhaled. “I didn’t expect you to be so impatient, Young Master Harry,” she said while tilting her head slightly. As her eyelids drooped, her attractive gaze fell on his chilly and ice-cold lips before she got closer and closer to him…
  • Chloe counted silently in her mind. One, two, three…
  • “Get lost!”
  • Chloe’s back hurt as she was forcefully shoved against the wall. Concealing her sly gaze with her drooping eyelids, she thought to herself, As expected, Young Master Harry loathes scantily clad women. Does he have a fetish about cleanliness?
  • There was a frightened and hurt look in her eyes as soon as she opened them, but there was still a hint of flirtatious charm within. She puckered up her lips aggrievedly and said in a coquettish voice, “How could you be so rough with me, Young Master Harry? I’m your fiancée! I thought you’d like it, but I didn’t expect you to…” Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke.
  • Even Chloe couldn’t help feeling secretly nauseous as she covered her mouth and pretended to cry. She didn’t expect herself to be so talented in acting to the point of disgusting herself!
  • She quickly flashed a glance at Harry; just as she had expected, his brows were knitted and he looked rather disgusted. His face was stony as he stared at Chloe in contempt while she pretended to cry. “When you go downstairs later, tell my grandpa that you want to break off our engagement.”
  • Assuming a look of feigned surprise and grievous indignation, Chloe pressed her lips together with tears in her eyes; she looked like a humiliated ancient woman who was cast off and sent back to her family by her husband. “Young Master Harry, you may tell me if there’s something about me that displeases you, but why would you want to break off our engagement? I can improve myself for your sake…”
  • Harry shot her a look with intense disgust. “I’m not interested in women who spend their time in nightclubs. Who knows if they’re clean?” he said before randomly picking a dress out of the closet and flinging it at her face right away. “Go downstairs once you have changed into this,” he ordered. He then resolutely turned around, opened the door, and left.
  • Chloe’s expression instantly changed when she saw that the door was slammed shut. After a few retches, she unhurriedly unfolded the white dress in her hand while humming a tune. Hmm, this dress is pretty nice, she thought to herself as she turned around and took off the black tube dress she was wearing. Tsk, I really have to thank Yasmin today. By the way, did she get the wrong information, or was she deliberately trying to cut a poor figure of me? Never mind all that—I’ve yielded twice the result with half the effort by nauseating this chilly Young Master Harry.
  • She then put on the dress and tried to do up the zip behind her, only to feel miserable when she discovered that her long hair had gotten naughtily stuck in the zip; she couldn’t do up the zip no matter what. Sh*t! Furrowing her brows, she tilted her head up as much as possible while engaging in a long struggle against the zip!
  • Just then, a voice spoke. “Do you want me to help?”
  • Chloe was stunned; the melodious and slightly familiar voice made her stop. Then, she looked up at the charmingly slender and handsome man leaning leisurely against the door frame with surprise. At this moment, he smiled a faint yet dazzling smile; his deep, black, and starry eyes glittered with warmth as he naturally put his hands in his pockets while standing with his legs crossed. Dressed in a cream-colored V-neck knitted cardigan and grey slacks, he looked very warm and friendly.
  • “Why are you here again?!” Chloe exclaimed in surprise. F*ck, why have I been bumping into this lunatic everywhere as of late?! We’ve already met at university and the Dixon Group… Wait a minute—the Dixon Group? Chloe stared puzzledly and inquiringly at this man. He’s here and dressed like this at the Dixon Residence right now. Could he be… “Are you one of the Dixons?”
  • The man shrugged his shoulders and smiled noncommittally while fixing his burning gaze on Chloe’s back. “I think that you can continue talking to me with your back exposed if you want me to treat you the way I did last time.”
  • Chloe suddenly remembered that she couldn’t do up her zip. No wonder my back is chilly—I’ve actually talked to him just now! she thought to herself. However, upon hearing his remark, she instantly felt her back warming up in flames. F*ck, why do I always experience peculiar changes in me whenever I meet this guy? I feel unbearably hot whenever I see him.
  • Putting on her guard, Chloe turned around to face the man and warned gingerly, “Don’t come over, or I’ll shout!”
  • She had to be careful right now after recalling her two previous encounters with this guy. After her eyes quickly swept around the room, she found that the only exit was the door he was currently blocking, and there didn’t seem to be anything that she could defend herself with.
  • Seeing this pixie’s wary and frightened demeanor right now, Morgan found that the more he looked at her, the more amused he was. As he straightened up with a smile, he took a step into the room; following the movements of his feet, he closed the door behind him with a slight movement of his hand.
  • Within seconds, the door was locked with a click.
  • Instantly, Chloe opened her eyes wide and stared fixedly at the man who was coming to her at a steady and unhurried pace. She sensed an overwhelming pressure approaching her, and it made her feel nervous, flurried, and very uncomfortable. “W-What are you doing? Stop right there! I’m telling you to stay where you are and not come over! Did you hear me?! Just f*cking stop right there!”
  • However, her threats were of no use against Morgan. She stepped back, climbed onto the bed and glowered down at Morgan in a panic, whereas he stood still in front of the bed and looked up at her. Just look at how scared she is, he thought to himself while wondering if their two previous encounters had frightened her.
  • In stark contrast to the panic-stricken Chloe, Morgan was calm and at ease with a warm smile that wasn’t aggressive at all. Slowly reaching out his hand to her, he put it in front of her and spoke fluidly as his deep and sonorous voice flowed from his thin lips. “Girls do not say anything vulgar. Don’t be afraid; come down.”
  • I’d be a fool if I’m not afraid! Chloe thought to herself. “That’s none of your business! I’ll come down once you go away!” As the saying goes, one’s wisdom grows out of their experience. I, Chloe Tillman, am not an idiot, so how can I fall into this guy’s trap again after being made a fool by him twice?!
  • Seeing how badly frightened Chloe looked right now, Morgan couldn’t help but laugh heartily and joyfully in an incredibly melodic voice that sounded as though it came from inside his chest.
  • At the sight of this, Chloe felt at a loss. Is this guy dumb? What is he laughing about? “W-What are you laughing about?!”
  • A smile crept into Morgan’s deep, black eyes, making his originally bright and black eyes shine brilliantly and intoxicatingly like stars in the sky; one would fall into the whirlpools in his eyes and find it hard to free themselves. “I’ll apologize right now if I’ve scared you twice earlier. Don’t worry, for I won’t do anything to you again. Come down and let me help you do up the zip. Otherwise, you’ll catch a cold with your back bare.”
  • With his smiling eyes and the upturned corners of his mouth, he seemed pretty innocent right now; one couldn’t tell the wicked and teasing roguishness in him that he had displayed during their two previous encounters. Such a side of him made Chloe doubt whether these two sides were of the same person or if his demeanor right now was a disguise. Keeping her guards up, she cautiously took a step back. “Why should I believe someone who has taken liberties with me twice?”
  • Morgan didn’t expect this lady to be so cautious, but it was a good thing. Shrugging his shoulders in resignation, he spread out his hands and responded frankly, “All right, tell me then—what do I need to do for you to believe me?”
  • Chloe looked at the clock on the wall. A long time had passed since she entered the room; if they continued tangling with each other here, Yasmin would definitely become anxious and come upstairs. By then, it’d be even harder to explain things if she and Morgan were found in the same room with no one else present. Looking at Morgan with a slight frown, she saw that he didn’t seem to be lying indeed, but she still had a lingering fear. “Y-You take two big steps back!”
  • Raising an eyebrow understandingly, Morgan calmly took two big steps backward, keeping some distance from the side of the bed before standing still.
  • Chloe measured the distance between Morgan and the bed with her eyes. Then, she fixed her eyes on him as if she would immediately jump back onto the bed as soon as he moved. After getting out of bed tentatively, she stood still and continued struggling with the zip behind her using her hands.
  • Just then, Morgan pointed at her back and asked sincerely, “Do you want me to help?”