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Love Is a Noisy Word

Love Is a Noisy Word

Update: 2021-12-22

Chapter 1 An Embarrassing Encounter

  • Chloe Tillman was a senior student at Westside University. For some reason, she earned her own living by running an online business selling sex toys. As for why she ran such a business, she was able to make huge profits by doing so as long as she was thick-skinned enough.
  • Right now, Chloe was delivering some goods for an order she had taken online. “The fifth floor of the Dixon Group…” she muttered while walking into the Dixon Group with an inquiring mind toward the strange environment.
  • Suddenly, she noticed with her bright eyes that the doors of an elevator nearby were about to close. In a hurry, she shouted with disregard for her image, “Wait up!” Time is money! I have to hurry back to class after delivering the goods! she thought to herself.
  • She dashed forward almost at the speed of an athlete running a 100-meter sprint, but she couldn’t stop herself in time after throwing herself into the elevator. As a result, she staggered and hilariously tripped over her own feet. I’m done for, she wailed inwardly while closing her eyes. Damn it, why am I so down on my luck?!
  • However, the pain she was expecting never came, for she was held in a pair of strong and muscular arms. She caught a whiff of the pleasant and captivating peppermint smell of a man; his warmth enveloped her at once, making her feel as though her heart had been gently lowered after being suspended for a while.
  • Intoxicated with such a strange feeling, Chloe thought to herself, Why does this scent smell so comfortable and pleasant? I feel like I’m wandering through a sea of tender and green peppermint leaves in a comfortable and natural way.
  • Just then, a loud thud snapped her out of her fantasy. A tragedy ensued—the box she was carrying dropped to the ground, scattering all kinds of sex toys all over the floor.
  • Sh*t, this is so embarrassing right now… Chloe only felt herself blushing all the way to her neck. However, the instant she looked up, she was stunned by the man before her eyes.
  • An extraordinarily good-looking face that couldn’t be described in words suddenly appeared before her eyes. Its features had mixed-descent characteristics, and its outline was so pronounced as though it was a work of superlative craftsmanship. The man’s dashing eyebrows slanted upward, and the intriguing look in his inky eyes lent him an air of mystery.
  • Chloe sighed. This seemingly noble, elegant, and somewhat chilly man was the most breathtakingly handsome person she had ever seen. He seems to be staring at me with a weird look in his eyes, though. What’s wrong?
  • His thin lips parted slightly just then, from which a deep and elegant voice—as melodious as a piece of music played using the cello—flowed out slowly. F*ck! Only then did Chloe snap out of her marveling of the handsome guy and recalled the sex toys scattered all over the floor. I’ve really lost face this time. Luckily, he and I are the only ones in the elevator.
  • The man’s noble gaze turned from the floor to her cheeks. Looking at her with an elegant and distant look in his eyes, he parted his thin lips. “Be careful.” With that, he exerted some strength on his hands.
  • It was only at that moment did Chloe notice where the man had placed his hands. Oh, God! Damn it! Breaking away from the man immediately, she crossed her arms over her chest before giving him an angry and wary glare. What a beast dressed in gentleman’s clothes! All right, he helped me just now by saving me from a nasty fall, but that doesn’t mean that he can take liberties with me! Hmph!
  • Chloe had never been as embarrassed as she was right now over the time she spent engaging in this trade. “Mister, if you’ve reached a point where you can hardly suppress your lust, I don’t mind selling this to you first so that you can solve it on the spot,” she said coldly with a snort before squatting down and picking up the scattered items one by one. Even though her head was lowered, she kept feeling that his eyes seemed to be fixed on her. The hint of eager inquisitiveness and jest in his deep, black eyes made her feel uncomfortable all over.
  • She didn’t know if it was because of the closed elevator, but the man’s peppermint scent permeated the entire enclosed space, making her feel as though her whole body was on fire. Moreover, her cheeks kept rising in temperature. It’s this damn guy’s fault!
  • The more anxious she was, the more flustered she became. As she crouched on the floor, Chloe hastily picked up the items while constantly searching for the last item with a look of panic in her eyes, but… Damn it, the last item is actually behind this guy’s legs! How am I going to pick it up?!
  • Just as she lowered her head in vexation, the man slowly bent down, crooked his slender fingers, and picked the item up for her. The disconcerting jest in his black eyes had been concealed, and it was replaced by a sober and calm gentleness as his deep voice flowed slowly. “I don’t think I’ll need this. It’s too low-class.” Upon meeting Chloe’s eyes, he blinked his good-looking eyes as if seducing her on purpose.
  • Chloe was the kind of beauty with delicate facial features like a porcelain doll. Her face was red and her cheeks were all puffed up at this moment, giving her a distinctive charm. However, the favorable impression she had of this man—whose handsomeness amazed her—had vanished in an instant. Struggling to pretend to be calm and collected, she stood up and snatched the masturbation cup with a smile. “In that case, I’m really sorry for defiling your noble eyes with such a low-class thing. My apologies.”
  • The man couldn’t help but chuckle at the apology Chloe made in a fit of pique. His deep and melodious voice flowed slowly like a current that streamed gently through the heart, setting off a ripple of comfort.
  • Chloe looked curiously at the man and was surprised to find herself riveted by his devastatingly warm smile right now. Oh my God! Why would there be a man with such a good-looking and bewitching smile? His eyes are shaped like a pair of arch bridges when he smiles so brightly in a way akin to the innocent smile of a boy!
  • In an instant, she forgot the impropriety he had committed against her just now. “W-What are you laughing at?!” she asked before adding inwardly, Furthermore, why are you laughing… in such a good-looking way?
  • Morgan Dixon was still smiling, his eyes sparkling brightly as if there were stars in them. Such a man was really charming; it was said that women who loved to smile were the most good-looking, but some men were even more good-looking than women when they smiled. He answered, “I just think that you’re cute.”
  • Is he freaking mental? It was the first thing that came into Chloe’s mind. This is too weird; is there someone who compliments somebody for being cute without rhyme or reason during their first encounter? As she thought about this, a bad feeling instantly ran up her spine. Could this guy actually be a lunatic…
  • She stammered, “Uh… I’m sorry, mister. I-I’m just going up to the fifth floor. Uh, I’m sorry for offending you unintentionally just now, so y-you…” Please don’t come to me when you go crazy! she screamed inwardly.
  • On the other hand, Morgan found that the way Chloe muttered to herself was quite adorable; he knew what she was thinking since her thoughts were written all over her face. It’s been a long time since we’ve last met, sweetie. It saddens me that you can’t recognize me, he thought to himself. Nevertheless, he never expected the little girl—who still had a positive attitude in life despite the sadness in her eyes back then—to have such a lovely side about her, making him feel as if he had found a priceless treasure.
  • Just when Chloe was trembling with fright, the elevator quickly came to a stop with a ding! The instant the elevator door opened, she darted out almost at the speed of a tornado and fled without looking back. She thought to herself, Tsk! What a shame it is that a man with such devastating and unparalleled handsomeness is actually a lunatic. It makes one’s heart ache to even think about it!
  • Meanwhile, the elevator door slowly closed, shutting out the man’s amused and delighted gaze. Then, the elevator went slowly up to the top floor before coming to a slow stop. As the elevator door slowly opened, one could see the sign reading ‘For president’s use only’ on it.
  • Morgan chuckled in a low voice. She probably didn’t realize with her impetuosity that she had mistakenly burst into my elevator, which is exclusively for the company’s president. It’s been so long since we’ve last met, little girl!