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Chapter 256 An Unexpected Encounter

  • For the next couple of days, I didn't receive any calls from Ronan. I perceived that he probably could not accept the sudden news about my pregnancy.
  • Consequently, I received another shocking news—Michael was getting married soon.
  • It took me quite some time to regain my senses after watching that news on the TV.
  • That was pretty startling because Michael had said that he would investigate whether the culprit of the intrusion in my house was Emma just a few days ago. Knowing that they were about to get married all of a sudden was unexpected indeed. Thus, I wondered if he was only paying lip service when he promised to help me.
  • Furthermore, it was difficult for me to be prepared mentally for such abrupt news since they were engaged just a few days ago.
  • I turned off the TV, intending to calm myself down, but to no avail. Even though I acknowledged that their marriage would arrive sooner or later, I still could not accept it as it was too sudden. Perhaps I still hadn't gotten over Michael yet.
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